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/Archived Stories

1/9/2015 – Swift Slip has Moved

This January 2015, Swift Slip is not only celebrating the New Year, but also a new location!  This marks a new beginning for the company as we upgrade to a better place.  At our new location, we have new and beautiful offices for owners, Pete and Tom as well as more space for our office team. Our production [...]

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10/15/2014 – Swift Slip Safari at the Wild Animal Park

This spring, Swift Slip had quite the adventure installing a dock at the Wild Animal Park in Escondido,CA.  The Wild Animal Park is a part of the San Diego Zoo, however it is a separate location with a different experience.  The San Diego Zoo is one of the best zoos in the country, known for their variety and up-close views of animals. The Wild Animal Park, also called the San [...]

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1/6/2014 – Trouble With Sea Lions?

Are you having trouble with sea lions taking over your dock?  Swift Slip is working on a solution!  For the last few years, Swift Slip has been developing structures to keep away sea lions for choosing your dock as a hang out spot!  The project pictured below is one where we installed a rope fence [...]

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12/23/2013 – Two Projects DONE in Lake San Marcos

Swift Slip has finished a year of construction on Lake San Marcos! The first project consists of a marina at the Lake San Marcos Recreation Center. This is a uniquely shaped marina with three fingers immediately connected to the gangway, followed by an "L" shaped connection to 16 more slips.  Also included is a heavy [...]

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6/4/2013 – Lake San Marcos in the Works

Swift Slip is in the process of building and installing a new 30-slip marina at Lake San Marcos. This new project has lit a spark in the yard as everyone is coming together in order to finish for the June 17th promised finish date. Swift Slip is a midst their busiest time of the year [...]

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5/20/2013 – StoppingTraffic in Long Beach

Swift Slip stopped traffic in the City of Long Beach this month!  At this particular site we came across an eel grass bed, which forced us to take a different route.  We were not able to install the floating dock and pier from the water to avoid damaging the eel grass, so instead we used a land [...]

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11/14/12 – The Brand NEW Olympic Gangway!

Swift Slip has come out with a brand new gangway variation!  This gangway has stainless steel railings based on the Olympic high dive platforms of the Summer Games in London 2012.  It also features non-skid fiberglass decking and Azek facia.  There will be more photos to come from the finished project.  To see all of [...]

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