The Ensign

3’x20′ sized gangway with 2″x12″ stringers and 2’x12′ decking. This gangway includes milled handrails and side rails with a heavy duty hinge and axel combination. Here are a few projects that include The Ensign: Hall Lazano Pier, Von Schoonenberg



The Commander

3’x40′ sized gangway with 3 1/8″x12″ laminated stringers. This gangway includes a super duty hinge and axel combination with a milled handrail and side rail. With this gangway you also have an available optional toe plate. Here are a few pictures that include The Commander:



Aluminum Gangway

Aluminum gangways can come in all sizes from 3’x20′ – 3’x35′. This gangway includes an extruded hinge and has a 40 lb/ft^2 live load. Here are a few projects with an aluminum gangway: Bishop, Jamaica Marina



The Admiral – A.D.A. Compliant Aluminum Gangway

This option includes 5’x80′ aluminum decking with an extruded hinge and 42″ tall railings. The A.D.A. gangway has a 100 lb/ft^2 live load. Here is a link to a project with an A.D.A. Compliant Aluminum Gangway: Vikings Port



Aluma-glass Gangway

This gangway contains aluminum rails, a fiberglass deck, and a timber frame ranging in sizes from 3′ x 15′-28′.



The Olympic

This gangway has Stainless steel railings based on the Olympic high dive platforms of the Summer Games in London 2012 along with nonskid fiberglass decking and Azek facia.




Additional Options:

Cable Railings

Cable railings can be made to your liking depending on spacing.  Click Here to see it in a project.

Toe Plate

A toe plate smoothes the gap between where the end of the gangway meets the floatin dock.  Many gangways contain a toe plate: Newport Beach Public Docks