Big Bear

Landon Residence

Steel torsion tubes built into fingers for long term durability. Azek weatherproof decking attached with stainless steel screws. 90% floatation for firmness of dock even under live loads. Heavy duty piano hinges.      



This is a small, private dock made with TREX decking and rub strip around the edges.



Small personal gangway and dock in the Coronado Cays.  Aluminum gangway and fiberglass decking.


This is a 3 slip Marina in Coronado Cays. It is made with fiberglass decking and an aluminum gangway. The Marina has numerous products such as a dock box for each boat, as well as cleats.


This is a new dock with Trex decking, the existing pilings with new rollers, Superfloat pontoons and white rubstrip and corners.  The first picture below is the preexisting dock structure before Swift Slip did the rebuild.


This structure contains Superfloat pontoons, Trex decking, and polyurethane surge rollers.  The accessories include an aluminum swim ladder at the end of the floating dock and 14″ cleats.


This is a simple and sleek dock and gangway complex.  The floating dock is 6’3″ x 30′ with the ensign gangway.  This project shows the gangway complex beautifully.


This dock in Coronado contains superfloat flotation pontoons filled with Styrofoam.  The decking is winchester gray Trex decking attached with stainless steel screws. The gangway consists of vinyl handrail & double side rails and heavy duty hinge axle and wheel combination.

Huntington Beach

Trinidad Island

This is a floating dock in Huntington Harbour.  It contains Global grid fiberglass decking, Superfloat pontoons, an ensign gangway, and polyurethane surge rollers with galvanized steel hardware.


This is floating dock consists of a “U” shaped slip and a gangway with cable railings. (click pictures to see larger view)


This project is a complete rebuild with a beautiful floating dock and gangway in Huntington Beach.  Details include: Trex Winchester gray smooth decking attached with stainless steel screws.      


This floating dock in Huntington Harbour is made with AZEK decking.  It has a 3×12 facia with dock accessories including an aluminum swim ladder and Pagoda tower, which have a deck light and a power plug.  Because Huntington Harbour is a narrow channel, the shape of this dock is a long “L”.  This creates more opportunities for side tie rather […]


This is a small floating dock in Huntington Harbour.  It consists of AZEK decking with stainless steel screws.  Pictured are roller style pile guides and dock boxes.

Leach Residence

This dock is a combination of decking materials! The gangway is decked with global grid non-skid decking and the dock is completed with TREX decking.  This is also unique with the featured diagonal planking of the TREX decking. The gangway includes ramp wheel plates to help a smooth transition with the tides. Check out the […]

Levy Residence

This floating dock complex has accessories including a swim ladder and dock box.  Also included are gangway traction strips.


This residential dock has a utility stand and light plug towers. We also re-decked the cantilever deck of the home.

Long Beach

Heritage Yachts Marina

This is a Marina in Long Beach with fiberglass decking. It is a unique design as it wraps around a point. This marina uses an ADA compliant aluminum gangway. It is complimented by dock boxes and utility stands.  

Marina Pacific Bridge

Replacement of 300’ x 10’ pedestrian bridge. 74’ laminated Alaskan Yellow Cedar beams, 1 1/2” IPE decking, steel handrails and lighting.


This dock has very unique features with timber Tech decking, white Azek facia, and dock boxes with power stations. The gangway and pier have stainless steel cable railings.  As a personal touch, the owner added polka dot pile caps!


This particular site had an eel grass bed, which forced us to take a different route.  We were not able to install the floating dock and pier from the water to avoid damaging the eel grass, so instead we used a land based crane with a 185 foot boom.  With a 5 man crew, in […]


This dock is made with Trex decking.  This structure consists of a short pier, gangway, and floating dock.


This dock has a unique steel gangway landing with stainless steel cable railings.  Also included is a dock box and AZEK composite decking.

Mission Viejo


This private dock in Mission Viejo is very maintenance free. It contains Azek Clay color decking with Azek Acacia color facia. The uniqueness of this Azek decking is that it repels water, unlike other materials. This adds an extra protection and makes the material last longer. This dock has a double hinged gangway with the […]

Newport Beach


This is a very classy 2-dock project in Newport Beach with Brazilian hardwood decking.

Vikings Port

3 slip marina with TREX composite decking and a large ADA 60’ gangway. Numerous products including power stands, pagoda lights, roller style pile guards, fire hose.


This is a pier, gangway, dock combination with a 3’ x 24’ gangway. It is made with a grey TREX composite decking. The black pilings add an elegant look as well.

Newport Beach Public Docks

Additions to existing (3) sites to allow for visiting yachters. TREX composite Decking, new pilings, Super-float pontoons and an aluminum ADA gangway.

Groin Wall Project

Groin wall in Newport Beach. Groin walls are used to control beach erosion.

Hall Lazano Pier

This is s neat set up of a 2 slip marina connected to two separate houses with a pier and gangway. It is made with a grey TREX decking which is complimented by the rich color of the wood framing as well as the white painted railings. There is a unique constructed stairway as well […]

Corrodini – Balboa Island

This is another unique set up is a pier connecting to a gangway that leads you to the floating dock. The pier/gangway/dock is made with TREX composite decking, and complimented by black painted railings and gate to give it a very classy, polished look.

Van Schoonenberg

This dock and gangway contains AZEK decking. The gangway is “The Ensign”, it is 3’ x 24’ with cable railings. There are numerous dock accessories including a swim ladder, dock box, and rolling pile guards.

Olson – Balboa Island

This is a brand new dock in Balboa Island.  It contains laminated beam framing and superfloat pontoons for long lasting stability.   This dock has a white vinyl facia and a new style heavy duty cloth rubstrip.  This rub strip is very heavy duty and the best quality.  The decking is a brazilian hardwood, getting […]

T. Jones

This is a private dock with Azek decking along with Azek facia.  This structure has 2 new pre-stressed concrete guide pilings with the pile guides hidden below the deck.  The gangway is the new Olympic style, which includes nonskid fiberglass decking, polished stainless steel railing with cable midrails and no maintenance and streamline.  The dock has several […]

San Diego

Mission Bay Hyatt

This is a 200 boat marina, made with pressure treated douglas fir decking

Lake San Marcos Marina

This is a marina at the Lake San Marcos Recreation Center with three fingers immediately connected to the gangway, followed by an “L” shaped connection to 16 more slips.  Also included is a heavy duty gate going out 3′ on each side for extra security.  This project also encompassed a 30-slip marina in front of the Lakeshore […]

San Diego Zoo

This is a floating dock in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  It is part of the path for the walking safari, specifically in the flamingo exhibit. Visit the news story HERE!

San Francisco

Pier 39

This project is a 34 slip marina that is built at Swift Slip, and then delivered via truck to Pier 39 in San Francisco. The area is a heavy surge area adjacent to a sea lion habitat.

Westlake Village

Sherwood Lake Marina

This is a pre-fabricated dock system utilizing TREX composite decking. It is a twelve(12) boat marina with 30 amp. power stations and hose bibs. The marina is anchored with 2-1/2 inch diameter anchor pipe pile.

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