New Dock Design and Construction

We will meet with you to decide what your dock needs as well as any new design ideas you may have.


Dock Configuration Change

We will work with you to plan the perfect dock for your situation.


Marina Construction

We build marinas of all sizes! See some projects here and here.


Replacement/Relocation of Pile

Swift Slip will coordinate all of your piling needs, whether you need a new piling, or just repositioning.


Gangways & Gangway Landings

We have several different types of gangways to choose from, including different materials and sizes. [Learn More]



Swift Slip specializes in pier construction and repair. We work with piers of all sizes and lengths, and will work with you to construct a pier that is just right. Here are a few piers we have built: Hall Lozano Pier, Manuch Pier, Corradini



You can make an appointment for a dock inspection, either basic or detailed.  We will meet with you and share our 30+ years of experience, knowledge, and expertise so that you know exactly what shape your dock is in.  This service is great for realtors, homeowner associations, and simply anyone who wants the opinion of a proffesional.  Contact us at or call 949.631.3121 to make an appointment today.

Basic: overview of existing structure, necessary repairs for safety and city requirements, write up of general condition of structure.

Detailed: will include drawing as well as permitable options for configuration changes in addition to basic inspection.



Approaches are narrow walkways connecting a porch to a pier, or a pier to a gangway, in which we can specialize to your specific dock.



Swift Slip will order and install a new flag pole upon your request. [view]



Want a fresh look without getting a brand new dock? We specialize in re-decking! We provide several different choices of materials for decking, from wood to fiberglass. [Learn More]


Damage Repair

We will inspect your dock, pier, marina, and with our 30 year experience, we will let you know exactly what you need and how we can fix it.


Groin Walls

We will install a groin wall to control beach erosion. [view]


Sea Walls

Swift Slip will help you with sea wall repairs through various services such as tie backs, deadmen, etc.


Float Replacement

If your dock needs float replacement, we have the material and expertise to remove old and install new floats.


Float Leveling

If your dock is not floating right, and is not even, we can do an inspection and figure out how to make it level.


Hand Rails

We can paint, replace, and repair handrails to your gangways. [view]



Swift Slip employs the best painters on the water. We can paint your handrails, facia, gates, you name it.



We can install gates at the front of your dock, pier, or marina. [view]


Permit Coordination

Here at Swift Slip we have a remarkable permit division who will take on the city with full speed. We have the experience, persistence, and efficiency to work with your city to get your project approved.


Sea Lion Deterrent

Because sea lions tend to choose residential docks as a lounging spot, many owners desire a way to keep the animals off their property. Swift Slip will construct a specialized structure to deter sea lions from invading your dock. Check out this news story to see pictures.